Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Why did Shahrukh Khan reject Hrithik Roshan’s offer?


The Agneepath actor revealed that he tried to help King Khan quit smoking, but the latter refused to take it

You all know that Shahrukh Khan is a heavy smoker. Yet every time a movie he stars in is up for release, there is one statement Shahrukh inevitably makes: Once My Name Is Khan/ RA.One/ Don 2 releases, I will quit smoking. We know he won’t do so and yet there is something about his earnestness when he says it that makes us believe him, time and again. However, his good friend Hrithik Roshan’s recent statement has made us realise that it will better all around if we don’t accept his words as truth the next time around. Hrithik recently revealed to a daily that he quit smoking three months ago after reading the self-help book, Easy Way To Stop Smoking, written by Alan Carr. The book has worked for several Hollywood celebrities, so when five of his attempts failed, Hrithik finally read it too. The book really helped him and he has not smoked even one cigarette since then, he insists. The good guy that he is, he bought several copies for his friends and offered a copy to Shahrukh too.

After all the promises SRK has made over the years, you would expect him to at least try it out. But according to Hrithik, the Baadshah refused to even read the book. That makes us wonder why. Has he already tried it out and it hasn’t worked for him?  Or is he really not keen on giving up smoking? Or is he upset with Hrithik for walking out of Dabboo Ratnani’s party on seeing him and so refused his offer? If only Shahrukh would clarify!
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