Friday, 24 February 2012

TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA movie review: Peppy but predictable



The newly-wed couple does exude sizzling chemistry onscreen, but the film’s plot lacks uniqueness and freshness. Ideally Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya should be Tere Naal Bore Ho Gaya!

Just because Salman Khan can shoulder mindless plots on the strength of his charming persona and funny antics doesn’t mean everyone else can. Even if the actors in question are Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza who, unlike other star couples, make an extremely cute couple on screen and share good chemistry.

The film is about a simpleton Viren (Riteish) who is happy waking up every morning at the crack of dawn and setting off to work as a rickshaw driver. His boss is Bhatti (Tinu Anand), who is busy trying to get his Canada-returned daughter Mini (Genelia) married to a wealthy man. One day, Viren reveals his true dream – to own his own tourist car rental agency – to Bhatti and the next thing he knows the old man makes it his own idea. He sells all his rickshaws, even the one in which Viren hid his hard earned money, and buys luxury cars. Viren is crestfallen and in a drunken stupor lands up at Bhatti’s doorstep during Mini’s engagement to demand his money. Mini doesn’t want to get married to her dad’s choice of groom. She takes advantage of the situation and in less than five minutes, she plots a fake kidnapping with Viren as the baddie and she as his victim. The incidents that follow are forced and predictable. Without any sign of attraction between the kidnapper and victim, there comes a scene where a pitch drunk Mini asks Viren, “Main tumhe kissi karoon?” (May I kiss you?). How? Why? We don’t know. We are sure there could have been better ways to plant the seeds of their love. Genelia and Riteish’s chemistry engage you but there’s only that much they can do without support from the script. Several new and interesting characters enter the plot in the second half, but the film turns from being light and frothy to more serious. The twist in the plot too seems forced as does the melodramatic end.
Genelia had mentioned in an interview that Tery Naal Love Ho Gaya has the mood and setting of Jab We Met, but the story is nothing like the Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor starrer. However, Genelia’s Mini seems inspired from Jab We Met’s Geet. She is good but how difficult could it have been for Genelia to once again play a vivacious and light-hearted character? She’s done it several times before. On the other hand Riteish seems inconsistent in his act. He is fine as the naïve small-towner, but the problem arises when he has to turn serious. That’s when you feel Riteish should stick to doing what he is best at – cracking jokes and making us laugh.
Music duo Sachin-Jigar’s songs fit well into the plot but are not memorable enough to stay in your heart long after you’ve watched the film. Chirantan Das’ camera work brings alive the small towns of Punjab and Haryana. But overall Mandeep Kaur’s romantic comedy doesn’t live up to the hype it created as being Riteish-Genelia’s first release together in seven years.
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