Friday, 24 February 2012

Salman Khan: Film stars don’t qualify for ‘The Greatest Indian



The Bodyguard star reveals the reason behind his first shirtless dance, why he supports Saif Ali Khan and what keeps actors away from serving their country

Salman Khan unveiled HISTORY TV18’s 3 Big Initiatives – HISTORY Har Din, The Greatest Indian and launching the channel in Urdu as its eighth language feed. The format of The Greatest Indian Segment is based on the BBC series The Greatest Briton, which was launched in 2002 in the UK. And this was one for which film stars might never qualify, or so thinks Salman. “The Greatest Indians are those who contribute to the society. But how many film stars would?” the actor asked with tongue firmly in cheek, and added, “It’s not our field, actually. We don’t get the time.” Ahem, ahem.

Stars might not be popular for their contributions to society, but sometimes they create interesting histories. For example, take the case of Dabangg Khan creating history by dancing shirtless for O o jaane jana from the movie Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya in 1998. Ever wondered what made a conservative Salman bare his torso? Here’s how it happened. “We were shooting in Madh Island. And the shirt meant for me turned out to be a size too small. So to save the hassle of travelling all the way to Bandra just to get the new shirt, they (filmmakers) decided to have me dance shirtless. They thought I looked good without the shirt.” And hence was born the style statement that has made the actor famous! We really don’t know how much of it is true, nevertheless, kudos to that shirt-that-didn’t fit. Without it we might have remained oblivious to Salman’s real ‘talent’. No?
But that’s not all, folks. Salman took the opportunity to support dear friend Saif Ali Khan who recently created his own bit of history with a punch. And as everyone joked about how Salman had outsourced his job of getting violent in public places, Sallu bhai said, “You don’t go to a restaurant to mourn,” justifying the (alleged) din that Saif and group created at the eatery. Also, he expressed grief over how actors are always targeted when things go wrong. “If something happens, always the actor is blamed.” Tch tch! Are you in any way hinting at your own (murky) history, Salman? We wonder…
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