Thursday, 23 February 2012

Did you know Shahrukh Khan was poor in English?


We discovered this little known fact from a photograph of the superstar’s admission form that has been doing the rounds in the virtual world

The next time you are reprimanded for your English reading or writing skills, say you are talking to the future Shahrukh Khan! Want to know why we are saying this? Well, we stumbled upon a photograph of the superstar’s admission form, applying to the Bachelor of Arts course at Hansraj College,
Delhi’s well-known educational institute. And we thought it was quite ironical that Shahrukh Khan, who is known to have a way with words and is said to be an avid reader, was actually just about average in English back in school. While he scored highest in Electronics, which apparently was one of his favourite subjects, he scored a meagre 51 out of 100 in English, in his 12th grade exams. Isn’t that shocking? Especially since, anyone who has interacted with him or has been to press conferences held by the Badshah of Bollywood can vouch that his poor English skills have not been obvious even once.
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