Thursday, 23 February 2012

Saif Ali Khan brawl: publicity stunt for ‘Agent Vinod’?



That’s what the alleged victim’s neighbour claims. Do you agree?

While Mumbai cops are busy recording witness statements and making sense of what happened at the Taj on Tuesday night, we hear that the entire exercise might just be a waste of time. The latest buzz being spread by gossipmongers is that the brawl between Saif Ali Khan and South African businessman Iqbal Sharma was not a spur of the moment incident. It was a well-planned and neatly executed piece of live theatre just to generate publicity for Saif’s upcoming film, Agent Vinod. The source of this rumour is Iqbal’s anonymous neighbour. Though Iqbal has claimed that he had no idea about Saif’s profession, his neighbour insists that Iqbal and Saif are old friends and they staged the entire fight scene.

Though we too initially thought it was a publicity stunt, one thing that kept us from saying that aloud was the futility of it all. Just ask yourself: Will you watch Agent Vinod just because Saif was involved in a late night fight? Has the incident increased your curiosity about the film? No, right? In fact, we would say that while the fight may have several repercussions, including a blight on Saif’s ‘good’ name, the one thing he doesn’t have to worry about is it affecting the box office fate of the film. Saif’s fans will fill the theatres any which way, and those who prefer the other Khans will stay away. That’s how it was before the incident and that’s how it will be now too. So we don’t think Saif managed to gain any positive publicity for his film through the drama. Saif may not be a marketing whiz like Aamir Khan, but surely he is not so poor
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