Thursday, 16 February 2012

Juhi Chawla deceived over public service campaign


Juhi Chawla has been conned of her dues for a public service campaign she shot for the Madhya Pradesh government.

It is common knowledge that the actress loves children and always supports child welfare causes. So when Juhi was asked to be part of a public service campaign to save the girl child, initiated by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, she immediately agreed to be a part of the good cause. All Juhi asked for was a nominal fee which she wanted to donated to an NGO she supports.

Juhi requested Rajesh Gupta of Narmada Film, who was communicating to her on behalf of the MP Government, not to issue the cheque in her name but leave it blank so that she could fill the name of the NGO herself. Juhi then gave the cheque to the Asian Cancer Foundation, but after a few days she got a call from the foundation saying the cheque had bounced.

Juhi got her office to follow up with Narmada Films on the issue, but there has been no response from their end.
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