Friday, 24 February 2012

Salman Khan to Saif Ali Khan’s rescue in assault case


The hotel staff may not be on the Nawab’s side, but his morale if not his case gets a fillip as the Bodyguard Khan stands up for him

The news about Saif Ali Khan’s complaint losing ground is still trickling in, thanks to witnesses at the restaurant of the hotel where the fracas took place. An employee of the restaurant has reportedly said that Saif was the one who provoked and then punched Iqbal Sharma, and not the other way around. The Mumbai police have so far recorded statements by fifteen people, including waiters of the hotel and, according to them, prima facie there is a “strong case” against the actor.

The latest twist in the rather sordid tale comes from Salman Khan, who was addressing the media for the first time after he came back from Cuba. As members of Sallu’s family (Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora and her husband Shakeel Ladak) were also present when the reported brawl happened, he had something to say about what really happened. The Dabangg Khan came up with, “When people go out to celebrate, they do make some noise and it is not a big deal.” This clarification from Salman does point to the fact that Saif and his friends did make some noise while dining, which not everyone would appreciate.
The allegations about the assault case being used as a publicity stunt for Saif’s forthcoming film, Agent Vinod is still doing the rounds. The plot is getting thicker and we aren’t sure who did what to whom. If only there had been a spy from our camp lurking in the vicinity that night who could solve the case for good and help us scoop the news….!
After hearing Sallu’s take, which side are you on?
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