Friday, 24 February 2012

Malaika Arora Khan wants to stop dancing and start acting


The gorgeous babe made it very clear in an interview recently that she wants to work with renowned Hollywood honchos…only!

In a jolly good mood, flipping the pages of our morning newspaper, we come across Mrs Khan’s statement and wonder what’s got into her. The queen of item numbers harbours a sudden desire to work with Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen. While Almodovar, a Spanish director who’s made a mark in world cinema over the years and plays favourites with Penelope Cruz, and Allen, who’s famous for his deadpan humour, are obviously oblivious about this passionate fan, we doubt if they would even remotely oblige by giving her the role of her life. Considering the Munni babe has no acting credentials whatsoever, we can just imagine how amusing it would be if by some incredible stroke of luck the filmmakers bump into her profile and ask the babe for her work portfolio.
No points for guessing, but all she would have on her resume to show are a couple of seductive dance videos. Now even if B-town’s fave gyrating gal gets an offer of her dream kind, we are sure it would be quite difficult for the babe to cover up her legs and reveal her acting pins. Perhaps before she talks shop with the people whom she desires to work with, the actor should do something of substance that will help convince them that she knows how to emote.
And if you are thinking we are extremely rude, Malaika, we will leave you with a great motivational tip. If someone like Freida Pinto, whose number of expressions is equivalent to the square inches of clothing you wear, can end up with a role in Woody Allen’s production, you can too. Now we aren’t that bad, are we!
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