Sunday, 19 February 2012

Is Deepika Padukone getting close to Rajinikanth’s camp?



It sure seems like that from the recent happenings on the Desi Boyz actor’s career front. It makes a wise business decision for her too

On the home turf (read Bollywood), Deepika Padukone may have ruffled some very strong feathers and is going through tough and trying times for opting out of Race 2. But it doesn’t look like it has perturbed her too much. As the Desi Boyz actor fights it out with Race 2 producer Ramesh Taurani, she seems to be making the right moves to stay in the right books down south. When things were going pretty rough between Taurani and her, the second poster of the film that is supposed to be bone of contention – Kochadaiyaan – came out everywhere with Rajinikanth and Deepika’s names printed big and bold.

Maybe this was Dippy’s way to tell the world she wasn’t backing out of the Rajini-starrer at any cost. This will be her second film with the biggest Indian film star after Rana, which she signed way before saying ‘yes’ to Kochadaiyaan. This isn’t the first time she has gone out of her way to accommodate Rajinikanth though. Back when Rajini fell ill during the shoot of Rana, she said she was willing to adjust her dates for the film. Why should she not do it? Being a part of Rajini’s films means Dippy’s career will escalate to the next level, which translates to more money and more power to her. Dippy, who is known to be smart and wise, isn’t the one to make such a mistake. Though for now the leggy lady is in a ‘win some and lose some’ situation. Don’t you think so?
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