Friday, 10 February 2012

What would ‘Mission Impossible’ be in Bhojpuri?



Imagine what you would need to say if Bollywood and Hollywood films had Bhojpuri titles…

Our lost in translation column sure is growing in popularity. It seems to have caught even the attention of Amitabh Bachchan! When he shot for a Bhojpuri film recently, he got the bright idea of translating several English titles from both Hollywood and Bollywood into that language, “since Bhojpuri provided some excellent quips on certain matters,” he tweeted. As the megastar prepares to undergo surgery this Saturday, we bring you his witty translations in a way that will, we hope, cheer him up. Enjoy!

Titanic – नौका देले धोका
(Nauka dele dhoka – The boat has given deception)
Ghost Rider – भूत चढ़ गएल
(Bhoot chadh gayel – Ghost has climbed)
3 Idiots – तीन ठो बुड़बक
(Teen ttho budbak – This one surpasses even our capabilities)
Ghajini – टकला के बदला
(Takla ke badla – The bald man is taking his revenge)
Silence of the Lambs – बकरिया बोलत नाही
(Bakariya bolat naahi – The lamb is not talking)
Black Hawk Down – काला बटेर मर गईल
(Kaala bater mar gayeel – Black hawk has died)
Kung fu Panda – कुंग फू पाण्डेय
(Kung fu pandeyy – Kung Fu Pandeys)
And the best ones…
Mission Impossible – भैयाजी ई न हो पाई
(Bhaiyyaji eee na ho paayi – Brother, this cannot happen)
MI 2 – हम फिर कहत रही…ई न हो पाई
(Hum phir kahat rahi… eee na ho paayi – We are telling you again, this cannot happen)
MI 3 – अबे कितनी बरी कहिबे…ई नाहीं हो सकत
(Abey, kitni bari kahibe… ee naahin ho sakat – Hey, how many times should we tell you, this cannot happen!)
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