Friday, 10 February 2012

What is the real reason behind Deepika Padukone walking out of ‘Race 2′?


The latest whispers have a lot to say about the actor’s decision to opt out of the Abbas-Mustan film

Okay, so all of you know that Deepika Padukone has backed out of Race 2 after shooting for it for six days. Why? Producer Ramesh Taurani’s version: She wanted to give her Race 2 dates to a Hollywood project. Deepika’s version: Taurani and Race 2 directors Abbas and Mustan changed the dates they needed from her several times and it was finally impossible for her to juggle her dates again. She is already doing Karan Johar’s film and Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiyaan. In fact, Kochadaiyaan is another sore point for those involved in this drama, since Dippy agreed to do the film even though she stopped shooting for Race 2 after citing date issues. Where did she get the dates now, ask her detractors.

However, we heard from our spies that the actual reason for Deepika backing out of Race 2 has nothing to do with dates or Kochadaiyaan. Instead, it has a lot to do with Race 2 directors Abbas-Mustan’s last film, Players. You’ll recall that Players bombed at the box office to such an extent that even Abhishek Bachchan offered to let go of his remuneration from the producers. Abbas-Mustan have been on a high with several of their films, including Race, doing exceptionally well. But then the dream run crashed to a sad end with their remake of The Italian Job. You know what they say about Bollywood – you are as good as your last film. One failure is enough to change the industry’s opinion of you, and that’s what seems to have happened here.  Players was a dud and it seems Deepika has no confidence in her directors any more.
While this what is being said about the leggy lady’s decision to cut and run, we won’t be surprised if another factor came up: her weight. All you Deepika fans out there will remember how she was asked to lose five kgs for Race 2. Odd, because she is one of the thinnest female actors around. The former ace model could have very well found it impossible to lose more weight and, fed up with the demand, she simply quit. As for Kochadaiyaan, there was no way she could have said no to that one. Last year, when she signed Rana and the film was delayed because of Rajinikanth’s illness, Deepika stated in several interviews that she is a huge fan of the superstar. She is honoured to have the chance to work with him and she would willingly adjust her date diary according to when he is ready to start shooting again. So her saying yes to Kochadaiyaan and going out of her way to accommodate the film – and Rajini – is not at all unexpected.
Whatever the reason may be, we just hope this decision that Deepika has made doesn’t affect her career in a negative way. Good luck, Dippy!
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