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Saif Ali Khan follows Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan


Saif has denied that Agent Vinod is just like a James Bond film, but the star aspires to make it into a series just like the 007 flicks….this continuity is something that most B-town’s top stars have been aiming for

Bollywood’s male stars have been chasing films that can get them a long running and successful franchise. Almost every big star has one now and those who don’t are scouting for a brand new potential series. And why not! After all, it becomes a star-exclusive product and a money spinning machine too. The only thing they need to build a successful franchise is an open-ended plot with one super character who can continue to evolve and entertain through interesting stories.

Saif Ali Khan has said that if Agent Vinod succeeds he would be interesting in taking that route. “If the film does well and the audiences like it, if it is popular, then of course we will look forward to making it a series,” he agreed. Though Saif is a part of the Race sequel, it cannot really be considered his franchise, as it has a number of stars in it. This is the first time that Saif is producing and acting in a complete action thriller focused on his character. So finally he could have the start of a series that he can continue to work on in the future.
Hrithik Roshan was the first star to get one. After the success of Koi Mil Gaya, the film went into superhero zone with Krissh, which also struck gold at the BO. Now the third in the series Krissh 2 is already underway and is slated to take the action and the special effects to the next level. Hrithik Roshan is the only star so far with a superhero series dedicated solely to him. Shahrukh Khan is trying hard to get one up by bagging a superhero series for himself. Despite mixed responses, RA.One did manage to rake in the moolah and SRK has been talking about making a sequel. He already has a franchise though, in Don. Both Don and Don 2 have done well at the BO and SRK is gung-ho about making a third installment, even though director-co-producer Farhan Akhtar is busy with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and will start working on a new Don script – if at all – only after he’s done with his acting assignment. SRK is pushing him really hard to start work on Don 3, we hear, and we cannot help wanting more too.
Ajay Devgn hasn’t really gone for the big budget superhero or action flicks to make his franchise power work. He, in fact, has got himself a comedy series with an ensemble cast. All three Golmaal films have managed to do great business at the BO and director Rohit Shetty hasn’t given up the idea of making a fourth. After all, he’s made three Golmaal movies in just four years!
Even though you may not consider this a franchise belonging to Abhishek Bachchan, the star has landed right in the middle of a successful series. While Dhoom 3 is actually more fun because of the baddie – Dhoom 3 will have Aamir Khan, while Dhoom had John Abraham and Dhoom 2, Hrithik Roshan – Abhishek (along with sidekick Uday Chopra, of course) as the good cop has been the only constant factor. It’s given him his rare hits and Abhi is reportedly working hard to get fitter and dishier for the next edition.
Salman Khan has made it clear that Bodyguard has ended and there is no scope for developing it into a series, but he has Dabangg 2 to continue his winning streak with. The sequel is in the making and soon Salman will be back as Chulbul Pandey, nastier and more corrupt this time, he has said.
So if everyone’s got a franchise, why not Saif Ali Khan? Come on, Saif, go ahead and cash in on the trend!
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