Thursday, 9 February 2012

Prahlad Kakkar all set to be a priest!



The ad-man and bon vivant is bored of calling the shots from behind the camera. So now he will step in front of it wearing holy robes!

The itch to do something new and different strikes everyone every now and then and Prahlad Kakkar is no exception. He has now decided to step into the boots of an actor. In the past, Kakkar has played himself in a handful of movies that include Corporate, Guzaarish and Page 3. But now he will make an appearance in the role of a priest. Yup, you heard right. The ad-man has parted with his signature hatted style to don a gown for an upcoming movie, David. Bejoy Nambiar, the director, has referred to Prahlad as ‘an interesting debutant’ and thinks that the ad-hatter fits the bill just fine. “I cast him because I thought he looked like a Catholic priest. I was right. Prahlad just slipped into the role like a priest into a gown,” he said. And why not! Kakkar is, after all, famous for donning so many different hats, from ad-guru to scuba diver, restaurateur, olive oil promoter, cigar manufacturer and Page 3 phenomenon, all with great elan.

Nambiar credits it all to an absence of self-consciousness. “Prahlad shows no signs of self-consciousness before the camera. That could be because he has directed ads with the biggest superstars of the acting world, like Bachchan saaab (Amitabh Bachchan) and Aamir Khan, and celebrities from the non-acting field like Sachin Tendulkar,” he believes. But what really coaxed Kakkar into giving acting a try? The fame? Perhaps. We say this because only recently we found him commenting about the fan-following of the industry in a newspaper. According to him, “When a star goes abroad, the Indian community there goes crazy, getting on to the streets and even disrupting traffic. I think that’s how everyone knows more about Indian stars.” So guess now it’s Kakkar’s time to try his hand at creating a jam, right? All the best PK. You rock!
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