Tuesday, 14 February 2012

John's gung-ho about 'Vicky Donor'


Generally, when an actor sets his/her sights on film production, it's with the intention of making films that would cement and consolidate his status as an actor. But John Abraham thinks differently. The actor started his first venture, VICKY DONOR, without making any noise whatsoever and as you read this, he is making arrangements for the release of the film on 13 April. Also, like everyone knows by now, VICKY DONOR doesn't star John, but Ayushmann Khurrana, one of the most popular anchors on Indian television, as the protagonist.

"I fell in love with the script the moment I heard it. It's a small little gem with a big heart," John tells me about the film that has been directed by Shoojit Sircar, who made his first film YAHAAN several years ago. Interestingly, John is not acting in the film. "I am glad I cast Ayushmann in the lead. He's a complete natural, has all the trappings of a fine actor and has delivered a super performance. It doesn't seem like VICKY DONOR is his first film," John divulges.

John has decided to back Ayushmann all the way. "I am going to promote him rigorously. He has the potential to hit big time and I think we need to support fine talent," John adds.
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