Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It’s official – Deepika Padukone will be Rajinikanth’s consort in ‘Kochadaiyaan’


Deepika Padukone, and not Katrina Kaif, will play Superstar Rajinikanth’s leading lady in Kochadaiyaan 3D

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Soundarya R Ashwin, better known as the daughter of India’s only Superstar Rajinikanth, has ended weeks of speculation and announced that Deepika Padukone will be the heroine of Kochadaiyaan. As is customary these days, she broke the news on Twitter, saying: “Guys. Deepika padukone confirmed to play appa s pair in Kochadaiyaan :) great to have you back with us @deepikapadukone :):) big hug!” Deepika’s gain is Katrina Kaif’s loss as the Chikni Chameli’s name was earlier being bandied about as the Kochadaiyaan heroine. Soundarya also confirms that she and her tech team from the UK and US are hard at work on the film. The shoot will begin in March but pre-production is on. AR Rahman had earlier recorded a song for the film with Germany’s Babelsberg Orchestra in Mumbai.

For those who came in late, Kochadaiyaan will feature 3D performance capture technology, as it’s largely an animated film. What this means practically for the Superstar is that he won’t have to exert himself as much as he would have to in playing a triple role in Rana. After Kochadaiyaan releases in August, Rana will begin its long delayed shoot. Deepika, who shot for a day for Rana, is technically still its heroine but obviously dates will be a factor. Sarath Kumar, Sneha, Aadhi, Nasser, Shobana and Jackie Shroff round out the cast.
Historically, Kochadaiyaan Ranadhiran (710-735) was a king of the Pandya dynasty. He was the son and successor of Arikesari Maravarman. He was warrior who engaged in hostilities with the rival Cholas, Cheras, Marathas, Chalukyas and Gangas.
The world’s eyes will be on Rajinikanth when he finally commences shooting for Kochadaiyaan. Though he is under strict doctors’ orders not to step out due to fear of infection, he has been seen at numerous public events in Chennai in the past few months going to the extent of making speeches. All this bodes well for the Superstar’s health, but we hope that he takes extra care, as we want him safe, healthy and acting in many more films.
Meanwhile, moving from Superstar to no star, two low budget Tamil films have quietly taken the state by storm. Pandiraj’s Marina, an evocative look at life amongst children on Chennai’s iconic Marina Beach, has opened to impressive numbers and gained critical acclaim as well. It may be recalled that Pandiraj made the impressive Pasanga that was a film starring children, but not a children’s film. The sleeper hit of 2012 so far is Santha Kumar’s Mounaguru, starring Arulnithi and Iniya. Arulnithi’s character, that of a normal collegian who gets involved in matters beyond his ken has struck a chord with audiences across the state. Looks like everymen like watching stories about an everyman. Surely a Bollywood remake is in the offing.
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