Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is Imtiaz Ali hogging the credit for ‘Rockstar’?


The film may be winning awards everywhere but surprisingly, its co-writer Muazzam Beg isn’t getting any credit for his work in public!

Rockstar is turning out to be the toast of almost every awards ceremony. Ranbir Kapoor is winning both popular and critics’ awards. Imtiaz Ali is taking home trophies for the story and direction. But in all this prize-winning joy there is one person who isn’t getting his due – co-writer of Rockstar, Muazzam Beg. Talking to us recently, Beg said, “I happened to meet Imtiaz Ali when I was working for Subhash Ghai’s production house. I had written the story of Rockstar almost eight years ago and Imtiaz was interested in making it.
Somehow it kept getting postponed and finally it released last year. I am very happy and proud that Rockstar is being nominated for popular awards in so many categories and that itself is a high. I respect Ranbir Kapoor for pulling off the role with such panache – he is one of the few actors who takes cinema so seriously.”
While Beg was credited as the co-writer in the film, in the awards ceremonies he is largely being ignored. When we asked him about giving the shows a miss, he replied that he wasn’t invited by the organisers. Of course, he doesn’t harbour any ill-feelings for director Imtiaz Ali, but it is definitely not a fair deal -it’s obvious. He did tell us that Imtiaz gave the Rockstar story his own spin, though the soul of the film remains the same as that Beg had written. Wethinks the reason for him being ignored in public is that he isn’t PR-savvy enough. Maybe he should take lessons from some of the more written-about small fry in B-town, from Veena Malik to a certain KRK, no?
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