Friday, 10 February 2012

Aamir Khan all set to shoot a movie in Kashmir?


The actor is smitten by the beauty of Kashmir. So, is that the location for his next movie?

Aamir Khan recently put up at Kashmiri singer Ghulam Nabi Khatana’s home on his visit to the valley. And while at the Dal Lake, the actor couldn’t keep himself from admiring the beauty of the place and hoped that filmmakers from B-town would put this beauty to good use. Somewhat like his filmmaker uncle, the late Nasir Husain. “I hope Bollywood starts shooting films here like the good old times. My uncle (filmmaker Nasir Husain) used to shoot his films in Kashmir,” he said.

While Aamir did go north (Ladakh) during the shooting of 3 Idiots, he didn’t get a chance to visit Kashmir. “We went directly to Leh to shoot 3 Idiots and I did not get an opportunity to visit the valley that time,” he said. And this made it even more special because the actor was touring this area after almost a decade. “I have come to Kashmir after more than 10 years. Last time I came here to shoot Mann (1999). The place is wonderful, the people are nice and hospitable,” he told reporters while at Dal Lake.
But what was Aamir doing in Kashmir? While the actor would like us to believe that he was on a pleasure trip, a suspecting birdie asserts that he was indeed conducting a recce – for his upcoming TV show, perhaps. The actor visited the floating vegetable gardens at Dal Lake. He also stopped over at a private school and a river in the north of Kashmir. While lakes, gardens and riversides might fit in the itinerary of a pleasure trip, we guess it’s the private school visit that gives you away, Aamir. Nudge, nudge.
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