Friday, 9 March 2012

Sanjay Gupta gets bail on controversial invite case


Director Sanjay Gupta, the maker of films like Kaante etc, ironically (almost) got himself pricked by the thorns of the law and order, due to the (in)famous media invite of his film Shootout At Wadala. After all the running around, Gupta heaved a big sigh of relief after he was granted anticipatory bail by the Bombay High Court on Wednesday in the cheating and forgery case that was registered against him by the Versova police. Gupta was released on a bail of Rs 10,000 on the condition that he writes a letter of apology to the Commissioner and that he should immediately withdraw the invite from the website.

While granting relief to Gupta, the court also made it a point to remark that the cops had shown 'over enthusiasm' in this case and that (they) had lost their sense of humour'. Justice AV Nirgude said that that all the offences, under which Gupta was charged, were bailable, except Section 468 (forgery for the purposes of cheating). He also added that if the police thought it fit to register an offence against the applicant and others, it can be only said that the concerned police officer, who registered the offence, has lost his sense of humour and that the applicant deserved protection.

Nirgude explained further, stating that the cops themselves had admitted that the said document was prepared for the purpose of launching the new film produced by Sanjay Gupta and others. He also added that Gupta had not intended to cause any 'wrongful gain to himself or wrongful loss to others'. The Order stated that the maker of the (by-now-controversial) document very clearly and prominently mentioned, on the back of the document, that this was a promotional gimmick and should not be taken as official government document.

We are sure that Sanjay will now live without any 'khauf'.
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