Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vidya Balan goes topless… once again!



The Dirty Picture actor shows off her bare back for a men’s magazine just ahead of her next release, Kahaani

Vidya Balan sure knows how to time it right. Just when her fake baby bump was creating buzz for her soon-to-be released film Kahaani, the 34-year-old actor decided to drop a sensational bomb yet again. She has posed backless for the cover of a men’s magazine. Her skin show sure grabs immediate attention but we wonder if it will hold it for long.

The slogan on the cover announces ‘Lungis, Gangis and Return of Vidya Balan’. Now scratch your head a bit and you will recollect that Vidya had done a similar kind of shoot with the same magazine in 2010. But unlike the earlier attempt – where she showed her best side in classy drapes – this cover-shot doesn’t appeal at all. In fact, it is downright tacky. The Dirty Picture star looks too heavy for this kind of photoshoot. Even her otherwise alluring gaze fails to create magic this time around. We think the versatile actor should stop going overboard with her marketing gimmicks and not over expose herself. A li’l bit of restraint will do her image some good.
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