Friday, 9 March 2012

Bollywood News John arrested and later released on bail


On October 14, 2010 the Metropolitan Magistrate's Court at Bandra convicted John Abraham with rash driving in 2006 case in which two people were injured. John was subsequently sentenced to 15 days imprisonment. The case was when the actor's bike skid, injuring two people, whom he even dutifully took to the hospital.

Though in 2010 he was granted bail the same day post filing an appeal in the Sessions Court against the conviction stating that the judge had misconstrued and had, without applying the principles relating to the acts of rashness and criminal negligence, convicted the applicant. Today the Sessions Court upheld the verdict convicting John to a 15-day jail term for rash driving.

However though the actor, who was taken into custody earlier today, since moved the Bombay High Court on advice from his lawyers against the Sessions Court order and sought bail. Following which the High Court dismissed the Sessions Court order and granted bail to John on a surety of Rs 20,000.
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