Monday, 5 March 2012

Akshay Kumar to take martial arts to schools


The next time when your kids refrain from going to school, all you need to remember is the keyword 'Akshay Kumar'. No, Akshay has not got into teaching, but he has aggressively started approaching schools in Mumbai and other metros to incorporate martial arts in curriculum. So aggressive is he about this 'mission', that he has even declared that he wants every child to have access to schools and private classes teaching martial arts and until that happens; he won't call it a day.

Readers maybe aware that last year, he was busy with his incessant efforts of talking with many government bodies of various states to include karate, judo, kung fu and other such fighting styles in school and college curriculum. This resulted in Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi agreeing to make martial arts a mandatory subject in state's schools.
A hopeful Akshay said he is aware that it's a long struggle because it's a challenge to make changes in the existing education system, but he is confident that by next year, he will have more schools in Gujarat and a couple of institutions in Mumbai involved.

On the home front, Akki says that he doesn't plan to push his nine year old son Aarav (who is training professionally in martial arts) to pursue a career in martial arts. He added that his son is training to be fit and healthy, and defend himself whenever he needs to.

Akshay is also busy with the next edition of 'The Akshay Kumar Karate Championship', which is most likely to take place this October. Talking about it, Akki said that, with it becoming a mega event by now, he has now planned to have knee-high fighters from other countries participating too. He also added that from this year, they are planning to extend the number of days for the contest and incorporate more categories, so more kids can take part.

With so much on his platter, there seems to be no stopping this 'Khiladi' Kumar!
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