Friday, 2 March 2012

Shahid Kapoor walks out of Ranbir Kapoor’s world tour



The Mausam actor is good friends with the Rockstar, but refuses to be his add-on

Looks like Ranbir Kapoor might lose another friend in Bollywood, and that too, for no fault of his own. After his dosti with Imran Khan ended – allegedly due to Avantika Malik – we thought it’s great that he is bonding well with Shahid Kapoor. From what we hear now, it seems this new friendship has outlasted its shelf life.
It all began when Ranbir decided to go on a world tour, to be organised by the Morani brothers. The tour was billed as Ranbir’s first official world tour.
Nothing wrong with that, except that Shahid was then roped in to be a part of the concert. It was still being called the same thing, and that didn’t go down well with Shahid. After all, Shahid has a huge fan following overseas and he didn’t see why he should get second billing (the difference in the box office performance of Mausam and Rockstar notwithstanding). He conveyed his disappointment to the Moranis and insisted he wants equal status. His friendship with Ranbir is personal and he didn’t want anyone to take professional advantage of it. When he and the Moranis couldn’t come to terms, he walked out of the project.
We just hope Ranbir understands Shahid’s side of the story and continue to be good friends. Also, lets hope that the two go on to work together in Aankhen 2 (sequel to the Govinda-Chunkey Pandey comedy) as planned. It would be a shame to see another B-town friendship go kaput so quickly, don’t you think?
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